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Simple and effective practices for exhibition



Are you approaching the opening date of a salon in which you are exhibiting? Be ready to reach your goals! The application of some simple and effective practices by your team during the exhibition will make all the difference.

Here are the main practices that everone should adopt:

  • After the announcement of the show by the promoteurs, spread the word by saying that you will be participating using various means, such as social networks;

  • A few weeks before the event, personally invite your customers and prospects to the exhibition. Try to make an appointment with them;

  • Educate your employees by clearly explaining what you expect: personal hygiene, choice of clothing, and that their attitudes reflect the company;  

  • Prepare yourself in advance: knowledge of your products and services, as well as listening skills, are some of the key factors that could favor or destroy your promotional efforts;

  • Know how to adapt to the environment: Visitors to exhibitions can often be tired, impatient and distracted. Answer their questions quickly;

  • Be original! Find original ways to attract visitors and liven up your booth. Have your team get out of the booth and direct people;

  • Ask the organizers to present a conference;

  • Fill in your contacts' cards and detail them with a lot of information. They will serve you throughout the year;

  • Remember to give a gift, a discount, or a flyer to visitors;

  • Meet and introduce yourself to the other exhibitors. You will make important business contacts in your field;

  • Stay informed about the other people attending the event: important clients or prospects, journalists, and representatives of organizations.

Finally, during the exhibition, always remember your main objectives established beforehand. Focus your energies and efforts on them. Time flies during these events. Tessier Exhibit and Show Services wishes you a good show!