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Our story

Tessier Exhibit and Show Services is a family business. Whether it is for an exhibition, a congress, or a tradeshow, all our services are provided as if we were a large company. Although our ease to connect, the quickness of our response and our commitment to your event will lighten your work.

Since 1996, we have local clients as much as international ones with floor from few hundred square feet to more than 300 000 square feet. Tessier Exhibit and Show Services is focused on giving you the best service. Our availability and the savoir-faireof our experienced team will accompany you at every step of your project. 

Our reputation is significant for us and that is why we set our standard so high. 

From our drawing tables to our workshop, to our custom designed booth and layouts, we are proud to support you spread the message you want according to your requirements.


Our mission

At TESSIER, our experience has allowed us to understand the challenges surrounding your presence at a tradeshow, fair or exhibition. We know perfectly every workings of the industry.

That is why we have a skillful and experienced team at your disposal. We will guide you into shaping your needs and expectations to achieve your goal.


Our values



Our team



Our team members

Bruno Tessier

From the showbusiness, Bruno made a right turn in the field of events in 1988. It is only in 1996 that he created Tessier Exhibit and Show Services, a Quebec enterprise who keep the success of its client at heart. Comprehensive et proactive, he does not hesitate to take the required means for the safety and well-being of its employees.

Mireille Tessier
CEM and Account Manager

Strong-willed and go-gettered, Mireille was the first CEM graduate in the Province of Quebec as well as the youngest to have fulfill this path in Canada. Her experience started more than a decade ago in the family business with a summer job as a receptionist. Now accomplished account manager, Mireille is a key-person in our team through her rigorousness and her knowledge of the events.

Marylie Boyer
Account Manager

Our Chief of Tools Creation! Marylie excel in the art of conception and perfectionism of our management tools. Efficient, proactive and with a contagious happiness, she wonderfully completes our management team. Her rational and cartesian traits allow us to put everything in perspective. Always on solution mode, nothing is MarylieProof.

Camille Lavoie

Graphic Department Manager

Methodical and efficient, Camille is our Graphic Manager. She accumulated many years with our team as a specialist in space layouts and design. From floor plans to 3D renderings, she will magic wand to add her personal touch at every project to make them unique and distinct.

Éric Tessier

Operation coordinator


Noureddine Bekkouche


With us since 2011, « Nounou » is our Solution Chief. Industrial engineering trained, he triumphs in the art of bringing our unicorns project to reality! With is legendary calmness, he is the reference for our projects feasibility and our custom made booths.

Aymen Ben Nasr


Solution chief in training, Aymen stands out with is rationality and his versatility. With us since 2016, he is a wise foreman who manages his teams to maximize their production in a friendly profitable environment. You can easily coax him with a snack !