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Often the first to fill a venue



When a new convention center, a fair-ground or even an arena opens,  a full house is not guaranteed at the beginning! It takes time before venues are used to their full capacity for trade shows or corporate events. 

Tessier Exhibit and Show Services are very proud to have been the first to use the entire surface of several large venues across Quebec. This attributed to our solid reputation within the events industry, but also thanks to the valuable establishement of trust with its many customers


Here are some notable examples :


2015 - The inauguration of the Videotron Center of Quebec

Use of the entire amphitheater for the opening event


2014 - Drummondville Exhibition Center

Total of 60,100 square feet (5600 square meters)

Salon industriel du Centre-du-Québec


2012 - Quebec Exhibition Center (following its expansion)

Total 183,300 square feet (17,000 square meters)

Salon provincial de la machinerie agricole de Québec


2011 - Sherbrooke Exhibition Center

Total of 64,100 square feet (5600 square meters)

Salon industriel de l’Estrie


1997 - New Quebec Exhibition Center

Total of 140,000 square feet (13,000 square meters), including surrounding buildings

Expo Québec


1996 - Quebec City Convention Center

Total of 73,850 square feet (6000 square meters)

Le Salon du livre de Québec 


These events have at all levels been a resounding success: perfect use of the space created by Tessier Exhibit and Show Services, a large number of event participants and customer satisfaction!